Huli-Huli Island Pig Roasts
Huli-Huli Island Pig Roasts

Welcome to Huli-Huli Island Pig Roasters!

Your guests will be talking about your Huli-Huli Pig Roast long after the party is over!  Our slow, all-day, full view, open rotisserie roasting produces the most tender, succulent fresh pork and crispy skin you have ever tasted!

As the designer and builder of the original "Oinkmaster 8000" rotisseries, I continue to carry on my family's 100 year-old tradition of preparing open pit "lechon baboy" for family gathering and special occasions where only an island pig roast will do.


We cater pig roasts in RHODE ISLAND, MASSACHUSETTS, CONNECTICUT and NEW HAMPSHIRE, and will consider other locations on request.  Pig roast catering, MA, MASS, RI, CT, NH.  Please call for availability, (401) 263-8176

Seafood Paella

Delicious Seafood Paella, prepared with the finest saffron, rice, local chourizo, chicken, pork and local scallops, shrimp, mussels, fish and lobster.



Roast Pig

Slow-roasted whole pigs on our own Oinkmaster All-natural charcoal rotisseries. A third generation family tradition from the islands of the Philippines.


Roast Beef

Mouth watering prime rib of beef, stuffed with garlic and rotisserie roasted to perfection over an open charcoal fire.

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