Catering Menu


Roast Pig – Slow roasted on our own charcoal-fired Oinkmaster Rotisseries
$14.50 pp / 70 guest minimum  •  Discounts apply for 100+ guests

Prime Rib of Beef – Rotisserie roasted, stuffed with fresh garlic and Montreal seasonings
$20.00 pp

BBQ Chicken – Grilled Barbequed chicken breast in Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce
$4.00 pp

Seafood Paella – Prepared with the finest Afghan saffron, rice, vegetables, smoked chourizo, pork, chicken, sweet Italian red peppers, peas, jumbo shrimp, scallops, fish, clams, mussels and whole Maine lobster.  A beautiful and delicious authentic Spanish dish, served community-style in a giant paella pan.
$27.00 pp / 40 guest minimum  (Price is subject to market changes)

Side Dishes
(price per person)

Cowboy Beans                                                        1.25
Cole Slaw (Regular or Asian)                             1.00
Garden or Caesar Salad                                        1.25
Corn Bread                                                             1.00
Corn on the Cob (in season)                               1.00
Sauteed or Stir Fried Veggies                             2.25
Hamburger & Hot Dogs (both)                         6.00
Fresh Fruit Salad                                                  2.25
Tropical Island Rice (our specialty!)               2.50
Fresh cut Watermelon                                           .75

Grilled BBQ Chicken Breast                               4.25

Aloha Chicken (pineapple and teriyaki)         4.50